Crystal-Smith is a relied upon source for chandelier fabrication and restoration. We service chandeliers in a number of prestigious landmark properties in the United States.

New York's City Hall
Crystal Smith Designs was responsible for the major restoration of a number of chandeliers throughout the building, including the pre-1900 gaslight fixtures that illuminate the main rotunda. Upon the completion of the 9-month long restoration process, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani hosted a re-lighting ceremony at City Hall.

Plaza 400
Originally designed for Maharzai of Indian royalty, the chandelier in Plaza 400, a white-glove residential building on Manhattan’s posh upper Eastside is one of the largest Baccarat, and perhaps the oldest chandelier in New York City. Crystal-Smith Design was commissioned to restore and maintain this antique work of art.

Tavern on the Green
Revered as one of New York’s most popular dining establishments, and the venue for the city’s most prestigious political, special and charity events, the enchanting visual allure of Tavern on the Green lies in its fine art, antique prints and breathtaking one-of-a kind chandeliers which date back to the 1800’s. These elements create a visual theater that is the magic of Tavern. Over the last few decades, Crystal-Smith craftsmen have been called on to restore and re-install many of these fine lighting fixtures.

Miles Brewton House
This very important and completely restored national landmark in historical Charleston, SC required our services to exactly fabricate and replace numerous missing and broken components on a period 24-light King George-style lead crystal chandelier hanging in the formal living room. The team was also required to clean and re-pin the entire fixture on-site, because the artifact was deemed too valuable to be moved.

Ethel Barrymore Theatre
The Shubert Organization, owners of numerous Broadway and Off-Broadway theatres contracted Crystal-Smith, Inc. to perform an on-site restoration of a 14' tall and 8' wide early 20th century Baccarat crystal chandelier, hanging in their recently renovated theatre.
Our team, along side their in-house crew, erected scaffolding and worked over thirty feet above the theatre cleaning, re-wiring, and replacing broken components custom fabricated by Crystal-Smith.

Paramount Hotel
Crystal-Smith was commissioned to assist in the installation of several large custom-designed crystal chandeliers in the lobby of this premiere New York City hotel designed by Phillipe Stark, which is known for its cutting edge style and decor.

Frost Lighting
The two large "floral fixtures" on the marquees at the trendy Takishmaya Fifth Avenue store in New York City, each holiday season, were designed and installed by the experts at Crystal-Smith Design. A combination of lacquered, simple, metal, tubular frames overlaid with natural floral arrangements create unique seasonal lighting fixtures.