Fine Lighting & Glassware Repair

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We will go on-site for minor repairs. No job is too small.

  • Repairs: metal work (soldering, welding) and part fabrication (any material)
  • Replacement Parts: We can locate or fabricate a piece needed for your chandelier whether it is metal, glass, wood, acrylic or porcelain.
  • Replating/Polishing/Lacquering: We replate any type of metal: gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper, etc.
  • Refinishing: Gold leaf, silver leaf, as well as specialized painting (including powder coating) are some of the finishes that we offer.
  • Rewiring: We offer any type of conversion imaginable


In many cases our clients prefer to preserve or "conserve" their chandelier to prevent further decay or deterioration. Whether you prefer to restore your chandelier to its original glory or to conserve it from further deterioration, our team of experts is available for consultation. If you’d like us to examine your chandelier, please send us a digital photo of your chandelier at Our team of lighting consultants will examine your chandelier and contact you with their recommendation for the best options to capture your lighting fixtures original beauty.
How Does Restoration compare to Conservation?

Crystal-Smith craftsmen can work on-site or might transport chandeliers to our restoration facilities to restore them to their original glory. Our skilled team disassembles fixtures piece by piece. Each component is thoroughly examined to determine if it can be refurbished or needs replacing.